Hurricane Michael caused massive devastation in Florida's panhandle region. The storm caused catastrophic flash flooding and major flooding, leaving thousands of people without power, destroyed homes, and left some families in a wake of grief after losing loved ones. 

Mission Discovery is inviting teams to join us in the recovery efforts. With nearly 30 years of mission trip experience, Mission Discovery volunteers have been part of Hurricane Andrew, Sandy, Katrina, Irma and Harvey recovery efforts.

Due to the changing nature of a recovery effort, projects may include any of the following: food distribution, cooking, covering roofs, clearing mud, removing drywall and furnishings, and working in a shelter.

Mission Discovery teams are not first responders, we are recovery volunteers who focus on helping homeowners return to their homes. Our volunteers will wait until waters recede and rescue efforts are complete.

Your team can be a part of the solution!

Daily Work Assignments:

  • Each day your team will be sent out to home sites to repair, repaint, and replace what was lost during the storm. A mixture of skilled and unskilled labor is welcome. All of our work will be directed by our local church contacts.
  • We will be part of a larger vision to bring healing to the neighborhoods of the Florida panhandle. Our staff will be on hand to help guide your team.

Contact our office to join the efforts in Florida.

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