March 31, 2016 by Courtney Rivera
We recently spent a week in Nassau, Bahamas with some lovely folks.  We served in one of the largest public schools in the area.  Sadie Curtis Primary School has almost 1,000 students in attendance and every single one of them got to hear the Gospel during our week there.  
February 11, 2016 by Michael Kneff
I was incredibly skeptical when Mission Discovery was invited to Las Vegas to explore mission trip opportunities. Sure it is possible to find need in any area, but what could we possibly do in Las Vegas? After all this is the place that's known as “Sin City,” and has coined the phrase “what happens in Vegas stays there.” Why would Mission Discovery want to lead short-term mission trips to Las Vegas?
February 11, 2016
Have you ever helped out with an exciting event? There are three elements that happen. First is the lead up and preparation. Second is the execution of the event. And third is the clean up. Of those, which do people want to be a part of?
February 1, 2016
*This article was written by Kevin Mahaffy, Jr.  Kevin is the youth pastor at Shelter Rock Church in Long Island, New York and has been bringing his groups on Mission Discovery mission trips for several years. 
January 28, 2016
International summer missions trips. They are an annual occurrence in our student ministry. A few months ago one of my students asked: Why do we bother going to countries that speak other languages? Wouldn't it be more valuable to just go to English-speaking countries? Not long after my student asked me that question, a woman sitting at the table with me at a church event asked: With all of the poverty and need in America, why don't we just do missions work in the United States?
December 28, 2015 by Maury Buchanan
“I am either going to be a Top 40 disc jockey or a missionary!”  I was 37 years old and these were my final words in a resignation talk at a church where I had been a youth pastor for four years. I did, in fact, become that disc jockey for a few months before I found an opportunity to work in my passion of leading youth and adults in the rich experience of serving people in need around the world by starting Mission Discovery in 1991. In just a few days Mission Discovery will enter it 25th year of ministry!
December 1, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
Why fight the crowds, traffic, and the hustle and bustle of shopping?  Shop online through Amazon and a portion of your purchase will be donated to Mission Discovery, Inc. when you use this link!
Long Term Mission Trips-The Bold Adventure
November 14, 2015 by Maury Buchanan
7 months of extreme mission and discipleship!  Discover what God is doing in the world and be a part of His great story.  The Bold Adventure by Mission Discovery could be your next step into a life of serving the Kingdom! The Bold Adventure is a Discipleship Program that connects Adventure Seekers with creation, the Creator, and the most experienced and knowledgable missionaries in the world.
October 26, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
Our trailer full of $4,000+ worth of tools and supplies was stolen! These are the tools we use for home repair and building wheelchair ramps to serve the poor throughout Middle Tennessee—everything from hammers and paintbrushes to chop saws and air compressors.  Help us replace what has been lost! Here are 2 ways you can help:   1) Attend our Re-Tool Drop-In and donate a new or gently used tool or two and enjoy a few refreshments.
appalachia mission trips
October 9, 2015 by Michael Kneff
The office staff at Mission Discovery spend most of their time behind the scenes. They are the voice on the other end of the line when people call our office. They meticulously go through paperwork and make sure all the details are straight before our project coordinators set foot on the ground. They truly are the heart of Mission Discovery.
October 1, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
During our banquet last month, we debuted our newest promo video.  In this video, we recapped six amazing stories that all shared a common theme.   In the first story we learned how a teenage boy in Las Vegas was always told you cannot put God in a box.  During the tour of the food bank where he was serving he saw a quote on the wall that read, “There are some people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except for in the form of bread.”  After spending an entire day boxing meals for children in need, he realized he put God in 7,000 boxes.  
August 24, 2015 by Nathan Walters
It’s near and it’s far.  It’s among us and beyond us.  It’s coming soon and it’s right now.  The Kingdom of God is clothed in mystery.  It’s the idea that one day through Christ everything will be made whole.  When we look around it’s clear that today is not that day.  But we’ve got the key, so why not give our all to pulling the future into the present?  We are invited to live as though this is the day all will be made well.  We are invited to become part of the solution.  
August 11, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
Her white smile contrasted sharply against her bright blue hair.  She was a talkative and funny young lady who enjoyed being silly and telling jokes with her friends.  She seemed to be enjoying her week...
July 20, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
What comes to mind when you think of “the least of these”?  The homeless? the hungry? the orphan? the poor? the widowed?  What about our brothers and sisters around the globe who are mentally handicapped or are suffering from some sort of physical or mental disability?
June 18, 2015
We dodged splatters of water coming our way as we hit the wake from other boats.  Captain Kieth was at the wheel and we were on a venture to see the skyline of Seattle from the water.  Something to know about Captain Keith, he is also a paster in North Seattle.  He came here along with his family and a core group of college leaders from Minnesota with a vision to plant a church in an area of Seattle thirsting for the hope Christ offers.  So after six years of ministry in North Seattle, Captain Kieth and his friend were given this boat to take care of.
May 25, 2015 by Maury Buchanan
What is a mission trip?  If you’ve ever asked that question…we define a mission trip as a decision to commit a focused length of time to the cause of Christ.  In a 2006 church study 1.6 million people had participated in a short-term mission trip.*
May 11, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
Thanks so much to the friends who came out in force to raise $32,000 at the Mission Discovery Golf Challenge on May 4th, 2015.  Each year the Golf Challenge raises money for the work of Mission Discovery.  These funds contribute to each of our trips in in the U.S. and 7 other nations.  The 2016 Mission Discovery Golf Challenge is already on the books.  Mark your calendar and play with us on May 2, 2016!
April 15, 2015 by Nathan Walters
Being an orphan with special needs in Haiti doesn’t come with many promises.  It’s a nation fraught with extreme poverty.  Food is scarce and people will travel miles to get water for the day.  In general, people in Haiti don’t have much, but Chinaido is different, he has a hashtag.
March 20, 2015 by Courtney Rivera
I think you’re talking to me.  Or at least trying to…first, the moment under the mango tree of feeling so small and inadequate for such a big scary job and responsibility.  And then yesterday.  Oh these kids, they have my heart.  Especially Louisiana and Sageline.  Their smiles melt me.  After spending the entire day with the two of them, I just wish I could take them home.  After our workday at the orphanage we had another church service there and I definitely had a moment with you.
March 10, 2015 by Nathan Walters
My friend Joel recently told me what a “Dutch Front” is. He lives in Pella, Iowa, a blue collar mostly Dutch community known for their windows and farming equipment. He says walking the streets of downtown Pella is a reality check for him. All of the buildings have a Dutch front – a really well maintained simple piece of architecture, but when you walk through the alleys you would never know you were in the same town. They are as dirty as any other alley you can think of.